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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Snow, Just Ice

 I woke up to the patter of rain on the metal porch roof. The windows all covered in ice. The chicken coop wears it like a garland.

                                        The trees are heavy with it.

                                                    The crab apples glisten in it.

And, in another hemisphere, there is sunshine and no ice. This picture was borrowed from Facebook. My Joshua is on the far right, next to his girlfriend, also taking part in the same short term mission experience.

Monday, February 1, 2016

New Month, New Job, New Adventures

            Welcome February! Feels more like a sunny spring day around here. Lots of green showing.

                  Neat piles at the base of the tree where snow once hid a rodent's winter stash.

                          The chickens are out and about enjoying the sunshine and dirt.

This one has been moulting. Her feathers are coming in now. She'd better hurry, a winter storm is heading our way tomorrow.

 As for new beginnings and jobs, my dear husband is back home again, for good. His job of six years, away from here has turned into a job locally and there will be no more driving back and forth each weekend.  We are staying put in Prescott with our gardens and chickens and country life. Yay!

I have seen a picture of Joshua, now in Malawi and look forward to hearing from him when he gets that sort of thing worked out.

The house in Brighton has served its purpose and is now for sale. We are all praying that one goes quickly and we may carry on with a more normal life once again.
I hope your week is off to a good start! Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bon Voyage

 Today we said farewell to our youngest son. He is off on an adventure for the next couple of months.

Here he is at the airport, waiting to make his way to security.  He is off to Malawi on a short term mission trip.  It is also his first plane ride!

Monday, January 25, 2016

While You Sleep

 Apparently, under the clear, cold, night sky, while tucked all cosy in my bed, sound asleep, there was a fair amount of activity out in our yard.

 They came up close to the house too, judging from all the tracks around the crab apple tree.

                                                 Lots of deer prints everywhere.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

G.O.O.D.B.Y.E. G.O.O.D.W.I.L.L.

 Well, change certainly can happen quickly, especially when you are on the outside looking in. It was in all the news on Monday that a bunch of Goodwill stores had been closed suddenly and our Brockville location was one such store.
No really good reasons have been given and sorry, "Cash flow  issues" isn't a good enough reason for me.  I know that folks drive from some distance to frequent this particular store and it was also a "meeting place" of sorts as you would often run into the same folks over and over again.
It sure has been a good source for all manner of things, both needed and gifted and thrifted.
The need for employment, as well as a place to give new life to cast-offs and a source for more affordable items certainly hasn't gone away.  It will be missed as will the employees we got to know as well.

 Here is the small mountain of stuff that has been left outside the receiving doors. It was bigger on Monday however this stuff looks as though it has been thoroughly gone through by passers-by.
It will be interesting to see what happens next or who might take this over.  At least we still have a few other thrifting options in the area.

 My last purchase was what I thought was an inexpensive print that would make great fodder for a future collage. It looked rather nondescript in its 1940's frame.

 When I removed it from the frame, I discovered it was actually an etching. Fabulous raised lines when you touched it.

I looked it up. Nope, I wont be cutting this one up. I think a lovely acid free frame is more appropriate in this case.
Happy thrifting!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Spotted! Mr Mugs!

Okay, maybe not THE Mr Mugs, but this sure reminded me of my old grade school reader. A whole family of Mr Mugs! I saw these while out thrifting with a friend last week. Haven't been back since but they were mighty tempting! No where to put a whole litter of plaster sheep dogs. They are all banks. I smile every time I think of them. Did you read Mr Mugs when you were in about grade four too?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Spring Cleaning in Winter

 It was actually late summer that I began the process of redoing my studio.  It was time. Too many wasted days not getting things put back and wanting to new look to things prompted me to begin the cull. The goal was to reduce by half, most everything. Sort of a simple plan but I'm not done yet.  I did however sell the lovely metal filing cabinet and reduce the paper to fit the one old grey wooden cabinet. I like it better.

 It took a while as I went through every single piece of paper, card stock, and sticker.
I got new file folder envelopes so what I kept would not be falling out the sides. Sold all the stuff I parted with.

 And now for a discovery! I have a LOT of paper doilies, paper lace, or French Lace, whatever you prefer to call it.
They have been picked up here and there, most of the packages opened, a few used and then thrifted out when no longer needed. Seems a good plan, to get rid of things you don't need any more.
Above, just the round doilies. The variety and detail of each very different from the others. How do you choose which to keep?

                   Place mat doilies, lovely designs and gold and silver too.

                                        How about oval doilies? Various sizes.

 Coloured and printed doilies. Christmas theme here.  I remember seeing these under Christmas cookies when I was growing up.

 Valentine's Day is a great time for hearts and romance and a little lacy heart shaped doily fits the bill perfectly.  The gold and silver ones were my mom's and she used them when she was a teacher. These are all that's left of them. They originally came in a bulk package from a special "teacher's store" years ago.

 My mom found this gathering of truly vintage doilies at an antiques market. I love grape leaves, perhaps for a wine and cheese gathering. Behind those, a package of square doilies from the scrap booking store.

The piece de resistance! Devon Lace paper napkins! Lovely. Time to go through them all with a more critical eye.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

A Wee Bit of Christmas All Year 'Round

With all the Christmas d├ęcor tucked away for another year, there is one corner where it is Christmas all year through.  The feather tree was found many years ago at a clearance sale when a local dress shop was closing its doors.  My hubby built the wooden base for it from a picture in a 1989 Country Living magazine. The ornaments, dolls, and bear have been gathered over a lifetime of collecting.

Do you have something from a holiday that you like to keep out all year round?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

And So This Is Winter, and That Was Christmas. Happy New Year!

                          This is a picture of our wintry look. It was a little while back.

                                         Today it has been raining all day and this evening.

 I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas, whether it was quiet or full of friends and family.
Ours was quiet and simple and relaxed. Nice.

 I tucked away the tree and all its decorations yesterday. Nice to begin the year with a "clean slate" so to speak.

I hope the new year has gotten off on the right foot and that you have a healthy hope for the days ahead.

        We have a big year before us as well. more on that later.  One day at a time....thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Can You See them?

 It was a very grey and wet day today. The forecast was calling for freezing rain and snow however we were happy that didn't happen!  On our drive we almost missed the huge flock of snow geese in a field! If you look closely you can see a bunch taking off.

    We backed the car up so we could watch them for a bit. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

                                           Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Little Christmas Sparkle

                           It has been mostly grey and damp over the last couple of weeks.

 Lots of lovely lights to see if you are out after dark. After all, the weather never really got too cold to put off putting up Christmas lights this year.

 However, for us here in Ontario, we are most accustomed to a white Christmas, with cold wintry days and dark afternoons slipping into long winter nights.  Road conditions wont be a big concern this year which will be nice for all those who are travelling.

I found this small Christmas tree while thrifting last year.  Not too big and nicely arranged, it adds a little sparkle and bling to the dining room.

This morning around 8:30. Another grey day begins.  Whatever the weather, I wish you all a most blessed and lovely Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

With Love..

                                         ...........from Switzerland. Merry Christmas Kathrin!

Friday, December 18, 2015

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.....

 This is the time of year I like to hunker down and decorate for Christmas, write cards, and do some festive baking. It's nice to touch base with friends and family you usually don't hear from the rest of the year.  The short days give way to little lights inside, on the tree and wrapped around garlands festooning the sideboard and stair railing and archway. It's lovely.
                                                   (items found on a recent thrifting outing.)

 However, in spite of the "Christmas" indoors the out of doors is more like a damp spring or fall. Rarely below freezing and mostly wet or rainy, these grey days don't seem to want to move into wintry days. Great for driving but the bare trees and green grass are a little disconcerting for those of us who enjoy a white Christmas.
                                                  (pins found on a recent thrifting outing)

                                 And, behold! Fresh leaves on one of my young fruit trees!


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