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Monday, May 9, 2016

Excuse Me, Is That Yoghurt In Your Comb?

 One of the first flowers to show up in my meagre flower garden is the hellebore. They are a striking colour with a bright yellow centre.

           It was yoghurt treat day for the girls and Mr Mister and boy! did they get right into it.

                      Any deeper, they would have dunked their heads neck deep in the stuff.

 After they cleaned out the bowl, and had got it all over themselves, they cleaned each off pretty well.

It was spring bath day over the weekend too, for the dogs. They really are white! Nice to see them all bright and fluffy.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

An Early Mother's Day Gift

 The boys were in Ottawa during the week and Aaron came home with a lovely surprise for me.

 "Quelque Chose" was right near his friends' house and he brought me home a box full of colourful delights!

 Lemon Poppyseed, Raspberry and Chocolate, and Orange macaroons. Every bite a bit of true heaven.

                                                         Here is their card.

                 I look forward to visiting it myself next time we find ourselves in Ottawa.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Babies

                                              A half dozen adorable, wee, little laying hens.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

For The Record

 This could be a pic from sometime in November or December or January, or February. However, this was taken at 10 AM on Tuesday April 26, 2016.  Yup!

                              There is even accumulation!

The chickens stuck their heads outside and went back in. Even Gumdrop isn't terribly impressed. It is supposed to go up to 7 Celsius later today. Cold comfort right now.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Bird's Eye View of Breakfast

 The meaties were happy to get a bigger area to live this weekend. They were also really happy to find a feeder all freshly filled up.  It was chaos while everyone found their place and settled in for some breakfast. It rather reminds me of my old Spiro-graph, or a scene from an old Ziegfeld Follies film.

 A few brave, independent souls ventured off in another direction and enjoyed a less crowded space for their morning meal.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Errands

 It was a bright, clear, albeit chilly day today. Perfect for hanging some laundry.  That's a lot of T-shirts between Aaron and Joshua.

              Adventure Time Fans will recognise Jake, the dog, hanging out on the line.

                         It was nice to see the ships are back on the St Lawrence.

We went to pick the fruit trees we ordered back in February. These four cats seemed pretty happy all gathered in the sun, sharing a chair and an old quilt.  We also attended our first yard sale of the season. Nothing terribly exciting to report- some garden hose, two large water containers, a bundle of wire hangers, and a crystal knife rest.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

"Summer Day"

 The week began with Joshua's 25th birthday and the usual triple layer chocolate fudge cake.

 The lovely weather was perfect for cleaning the coop and letting the chickens out into the yard. they were everywhere, scratch, scratch, scratch. They are great fun to watch. So focused on what is on the ground.

           Gummy got to go to the dump with Joshua. She didn't want to leave the car.

                             Finally, all the winter tires are tucked away for the summer.

             Gumdrop thought the chicken food bucket lid would make the perfect Frisbee.

 Apparently the food bucket is just as good on the ground outside as it is inside the coop. Good to know.

                                 Mr Mister was happy to be out and about with his girls. After a couple hours of serious exploration, everyone was very happy to get back into their yard and to check out their freshly cleaned digs.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Not Too Much Happening Here

 Last week, while out driving we saw hundreds of snow geese coming in for a landing on a large pond. Of course by the time we got the car off the road and stopped, the sheer majesty of it was all but over, but here is a little proof. It was pretty amazing to see.

 Marty made pasta, again. Seems to be a once a month thing now. It's a good way to use up some of the many jars of home made tomato sauce canned up from last year. Odelia was pretty interested in the whole process.

 Pretty cool. The Einkorn flour gives it a lovely nutty flavour and makes for a rich pasta.

 We brought home our wee "meaties."  Twenty-five this time. And for the first time in years we did not put it off 'til the last minute wondering if we were going to be moving or not. Not!!
It is nice to be able to make some plans these days.

 It's funny to watch them all settle down for a nap. They sort of melt into the floor, like soft little, yellow "butter pats."

I was thrilled to find the "sister" to a wonderful male doll that was given to me years ago by a friend. Now they are a happy pair, by Norah Wellings, England, 1930's.

Best of all, my boy (young man) is home again. After being gone for 10 weeks, to Malawi. Odelia is also especially thrilled to have him home. So happy, she wants to eat him up!  We have enjoyed seeing his lovely pictures. We are about halfway through the 4000 of them. Gotta love those digital cameras.

Friday, April 1, 2016

You Know Spring Is Here When...

                                you wake up to lots of fluttering noise in the wood stove!

Every year we get a starling. Lovely little thing. It was happy to be released outside. Always makes for some excitement on an otherwise peaceful day.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More Fun Finds

 I had some errands to run and it just happened there was parking near the Sally Ann. So, of course I stopped in.  I left happy with my finds, both fun and practical.
A lovely linen towel, never used. A tall orange Tupperware canister. The tall vintage Dairy Queen glass is for Aaron, a kraut cutter and fun red handled chopper.

 A nice package of clear rubber stamps and a couple of acrylic stamp blocks, a neat filigree little basket that is stamped Germany on the bottom. It likely held a bottle of perfume. Too bad that is missing.  The little angel is from elsewhere but will get tucked into a stocking at Christmas.

 This was cool. A horse brush, literally. A clothing brush is my guess. Handsome steed.

 I have no way of knowing if this is an old piece or not but it is yellow-ware with a slip glaze design and I love the warm colours!

 This is stamped Germany and is a fabulous bit of majolica type pottery. Love the grapes!

 Not sure what this is from. It is a large stack of cardboard beverage coasters. I thought the vintage images were fun. Lots of fodder to work with, be it an ATC or chunky book page, altered book or whatever. Yup, you could put a drink on it too.

                                              This is the other half of the stack.

 A nice assortment of seashells, a wee pair of German international dolls and a celluloid horse pin.

I love Ziggy!  I still have an envelope of old Ziggy cartoons that I clipped when I was much younger. It was fun to come across this while thrifting.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Tragically Flawed Paper Love

 I hope everyone had a pleasant and blessed Easter weekend.  It sure was springlike here which made it all the better.  We spent a lot of time outside.
 I was fortunate enough to acquire a lovely pile of antique paper items a while back. I finally took some pics to share.  They are mostly imperfect but lovely nonetheless, like the two piece picture above.

                                                 Lots of great old advertising cards.

                                                           Lovely Victorian scraps.

                  A great old children's book with wonderful illustrations and a headless lady.

                             Nothing like donning your Sunday best to sell some root beer!

 A rather terrifying picture of a young tot with a feisty chicken. The partial cat on the right has incredible embossed detail.

                                 Love this odd advertising pun.  "Greatest Bargain I Ever...."

                  "Saw"  Get it? Saw. Not something I would have associated with the sale of....
 Magic yeast cakes. I guess I should rethink the usefulness of a saw in my own kitchen.

                                             Children with dolls and toys, always a winner.

                                               China head dolls, my very favourite!

  I found the head for the young lady. Not sure what she is advertising but it stands on its own and is made from heavy cardboard.

A colourful advertising fan to bid you "adieu" with. I hope you have a good week and thank you for dropping by.


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