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Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Day At The Auction

 Marty and I head out last weekend to a farm auction. I haven't been to one in more years than I can count. I didn't much enjoy them anyway. Long waits and in the end you are more often disappointed than rewarded for your efforts.

We were there looking for something son number three was interested in. In the end we did not get it and that was okay. It looked as though it may have had some condition concerns, but we did give a good try nonetheless.
The person who got it was determined that he was not going home without it,  no point in pushing the issue.

It was however a pleasant way to spend a few hours. It wasn't a big auction. Mostly stuff from the barn. The weather was great, overcast, and breezy. No bugs. It was a beautiful property too. There was also a good auctioneer. Easy to follow and didn't flog a dead horse when things slowed down. He kept it moving along very nicely.

I was able to snag this box of vintage train pieces made of cardboard. Imperfect and incomplete but each piece stands well on its own from a collage point of view. Cheap, because it was mostly a tool auction.

 I was thrilled to get this! Nope, I don't know what it is. There is a loop at each end. At first I thought it was a plumb bob but maybe some kind of weight instead. Anyway, it is very unusual and heavy.

 Then I got this! Cool huh?! Gotta love old cast iron pieces. So very well made and finished.
I liked how it looked, didn't matter to me what it was used for.

 It is however something you attach to an auger type hand drill for cutting/sizing dowels.

No one was bidding on this large lot of C clamps so I got it all for five dollars. Don't you just feel more prepared for anything if you have a bunch of old C clamps? Yeah, I thought so too.

There were a couple other little things that interested me but after the main item we went for was done we decided it was time to head back home to make use of what was left of the day.

Friday, May 22, 2015

A Comedy of Gardening Errors

 Aaron and I got the potatoes into the garden the other day. It's been a very nice, breezy, cool week. Perfect for outdoor stuff- no bugs. Gumdrop was most interested in what we were planting and  none too pleased that we were burying the potatoes! She took off with one when I wasn't looking.

 Odelia kept going up and down the planted rows. I'm sure she was thinking to herself that she ought to remember where these treats have been hidden.

 Little Mister, our yard buddy, was enjoying the freedom and made full use of the whole yard! As he can't see out of one eye he made good work of our carefully tied string marking the garden rows too.

          Odelia keeping cool with the water I set out for them. Cooling her ball too.

 Our little "Meaties" as we affectionately call them are growing like crazy. Here they are at two weeks old and already moved into their "two drawer" nursery.

 It was so very warm last weekend that I thought the chicks would enjoy some time out on the grass.  I saw this neat idea for baby chicks at another farm last year and had since kept my eye out for just such a chair frame. I actually found one at Goodwill but it was complete and had a nice cushion so the guys wouldn't let me turn it into a safe place for baby chicks to hang out. Imagine, they actually use the chair!

I noticed this frame in the yard of a vacated house and called the town hall to ask if I could have the chair frame.  We arranged to meet there at a certain time and the town official went and got it for me. Aaron and I painted it and Marty and I sewed on some bird netting, and "Voila!," a perfect little spot for little birds. It wont be too long before they are too big for it!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Springtime In My Backyard

 The fruit trees are flowering and the scent is lovely. This is the only tree near the house that flowers. It is a decorative crab apple.

The peepers are out and about too. You come across them everywhere!  This one hangs out in the garbage hut. I hope you all enjoy a lovely Victoria Day weekend. Perhaps a little gardening and planting?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Yard Sale Finds

 I know I said I would share my recent yard sale finds, days ago, however life got in the way. Now I have two Saturday's of finds to share!  The books above were found at a local church sale as well as the fan.  The "Orchards of all Seasons" book is actually a science book.

 It was thrilling to find two bottle brush trees and a funky flower pin to add to my collection.

 This is a series of "Deltagram" issues from the 1940's. Each is full of woodworking projects.

                                                   I love the illustrations inside.

 This sweet little pair is NOT a and pepper set. Amazing they have stuck together all these years.

                                                  A few items for a lady's dresser.

 Two vintage magazines, a folding ruler, and a Bennington pottery doorknob were found at one yard sale.

                                                               Some small finds.

                                                          More small finds.

 Unusual subject matter for a small pitcher. A hunter taking aim at some game.

 These were just a little too unusual to leave behind. Souvenir ashtrays meet butterflies. I cannot imagine butting out in these!

 This is a vintage chalkware bank. An adorable place to tuck all that Christmas money?

 This was the find of the day. A late 1800's children's tea set.  22 pieces of childhood nostalgia- sort of.

I could find very little on-line but was able to find out a little more in my mom's old books on children's toy dishes. She used to love collecting toy dishes, among other things.  This set is quite rare and called "The Sinful Pigs."  Rare indeed! I cannot imagine a child actually asking for "The sinful Pigs" tea set for Christmas. Can you?  Pigs gambling and drinking.  I wonder what they were thinking when they agreed this would be a great theme for a child's tea set!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Warm & Sunny Weekend

 It was a lovely weekend. Great for drives in the country, stopping at a few yard sales, just soaking up some sunshine and relaxing. The animals were keeping cool.

 The chickens were happy on top of a pile of dirt.

 We gave Gumdrop and Odelia each a raw meat bone. Gumdrop thoroughly enjoyed hers straight from the start.
Obviously Odelia though it a precious and guilty treasure as she just left it on the patio for a while and the next time she went out took off with it.

 We watched her wander  about for a long while and finally found a spot to hide it. Normally she likes to put such things under our pillows but I wasn't keen discovering this at bedtime. She tucked it under the bench.

 We then watched with amazement as she used her nose to cover it up with dirt and leaves. Well-hidden, she thought. I brought it in and put it in a bag in the fridge for the night. I am sure that some other animal would be thrilled to "find" this while we slept.

 While Marty was cleaning out one of the raised beds, he came across an egg that over-wintered, nestled under a bunch of dried tarragon.

 At one yard sale I found three old typewriters. These two are quite worn but have glass keys. Not sure what I will do with them, yet.

The case of this 1940's Sterling typewriter is a little beat up but the actual piece isn't too bad. The keys on this are celluloid and metal. I will try to share some of our other finds tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A REAL Spring Day

 It's been pretty cool so far this spring. Yesterday I woke up to a lovely morning sky.

 Little Mister checking out his family. See how much larger his brothers are? They were none to happy to see him even though he poses no threat nor competition.

 The birds hanging around the water bucket. I wonder what they chat about all day long?

                         Little Mister is my yard buddy. He follows me wherever I go. No, he is not in the house any more. He has his own space outside now.

Night time brought a lovely pink sky. Warm temperatures and sunny days. Now that was a nice, friendly spring day!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Little Surprises

 A while back, when Marty and Joshua were washing a wall in preparation to paint it, Marty's hand went right through it in one spot! He discovered that, at some point, many years ago, wasps made a nest in that wall, and actually ate away at everything except the paper covering the gypsum board! There was only a piece of thick paper between the nest and the room.  Well, needless to say, they fixed everything up and all is new and good and sealed and so on. The painted room looks nice too.

Anyway, being good and thoughtful men, they carefully cut the nest out, carefully tucked it into a shoebox and finally remembered to bring it home to me this past weekend.

It is super fragile but look at those glorious colours and beautiful design!

                                                                   A view within.

I have a house-shaped glass box and fit right in. Safe but still visible to enjoy.
Yes, that makes three wasp's nests now abiding in my home. I guess that makes them a collection. They go nicely with the bird's nest collection.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Kitchen Thriftin' and Fun Eats

 I had a chance to wander through a thrift store the other day. I was thrilled to find some lovely yellow Le Creuset Pots. These will likely follow one of the boys when they head out into the world on their own. In the meantime, they will be put to good use.

 I have never owned a real Bundt cake pan and this heavy duty one from Germany is perfect.

 This was a Kijiji score! A German Grain Mill. Super quiet and lovely design.

 As the week has been cool and gloomy, with lots of rain, here is a little colour, found in recent meals. Above is a Spicy Peach BBQ Sloppy Joe on a mashed potato waffle.

Yesterday, Aaron and I enjoyed lunch at the local Sushi spot and had our fill of a variety of little bites of sticky rice goodness.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Springtime and Birthdays

 It was my youngest son's birthday this weekend. He made it home to celebrate and visit. Nice.

 The weather was lovely. Blue skies and wispy clouds. The trees just starting to bud.

                                         Dead tree, stripped completely of bark. Nice lines.

 In the back field there are remnants of old fencing. Lots of barbed wire bits.

                                         This looks as though a bow was tied with wire.

                                                                 Worn split rails.

                                            Shades of green and fungus on a rotting tree.

Good to see two of my three son's hanging out together. We all had a good phone visit with son number one who lives out of province.


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