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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Apple Picking

 We got permission to pick apples next door to us as we had a couple years ago. They were small but flavorful.  Aaron, up the ladder.

                         They are very old apple trees and there are a few different varieties.

                                                           They were all very tasty.

Last week we went to Kilmarnok Orchard to get several bags of apples to make cider from. We got a lot of cider this year. Delish!  This was from pressing and letting it sit for a little while. Sparkling apple cider. Pretty too.

We also filled up the fermenting crock to begin the process of making apple cider vinegar.

Monday, September 10, 2018

A Little Kitchen Enamel Lovin'

 I pulled this kitchen table from the back of Marty's dad's barn. He used to fix motors on it. We rescued it and fixed it up as our first table. Thirty-four years later, we are still enjoying it!

 I found this a few years ago at a town wide yard sale.  I love the way "BREAD" is lettered.

 Oh so many years ago, we purchased this Hoosier. The pull out enamel counter has always been very handy.

                     For a long time this has held the cooking utensils close by the stove.

 A more recent fixer upper that makes it home in the kitchen also sports an enamel pull out counter.

 Finds from the past:  smaller enamel jug, timer from and old stove as well as the back from an old stove with it's own mirror.

 A very recent find: and old postal scale.   It weighs a tonne! The enamel is  practically perfect.  It has a voluptuous form.

                                                  The glass plate is perfect too. Lovely!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Crossing the Border

 Marty needed to get some parts from across the border for the tractor so off we went for a short trip to the US.

                                                           Sea gulls hanging about.

             With the parts retrieved, we set out to take in the local Remington Art Museum

                        You are greeted by this stunning fireplace when you enter the building.
                               "Good Friends/ Good Cheer/Good Fire" carved on the front.

                                                     Inside, when you begin.

                        In the meeting room, with the curtains pulled aside. Beautiful windows.

                                                                     Stunning buffalo.

                                                            Inside the main gallery.  You can check out my previous blog post from years ago for more pics of the museum, HERE

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Finally Completed Projects

 I have had this tray of old price tags for many years. I always wanted to Put glass over the front and hang it up in the kitchen. Well, fast forward a bunch of years and it is now hanging in the kitchen.  I put Plexi-glass on the front instead of glass as the tray is a little flexible and glass would likely crack.

 I did this a long time ago as well but the front is not completely level so it too needed a Plexi-glass front. Done and hung!  Happy.

This too has been hanging about for a long while and has found its forever home in the guest room.  The funky clock is from Winners, also a long while ago.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Big Reno, Small Changes

 Last summer Marty and the guys changes all the windows in the addition. Huge job, took a long while and as usual, there were surprises along the way. No, not nice surprises. Nevertheless, they all got replaced, and RE-placed, in better locations too.  Finally the giant 9 foot by 7 foot window in the guest room is all but a memory!

                                      Now things look better indoors as well as outside.

 When it came time to repaint the guest room inside I decided to go with simple white.
I also moved out the antique door headboard.

 I wanted a pared down, cleaner look and as the dogs are not allowed in the guest room, I went bravely with a white quilt we found a long time ago at a thrift store.

                     These lovely pillow shams were found recently and look nice with the quilt.

 I chose just a few of my favourite silhouettes to hang back up and the rest will be passed on.

I even had the curtains already too. The last detail to complete is to put a mirror into the frame for the dresser. It took a while but it is finally done.

                                            This piece I did years ago looks right at home.

                                                          All ready to receive guests.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

After-Wedding Festivities

 The day after the wedding was hubby's birthday so all those from his family who had traveled up for the wedding met at a restaurant in Cornwall. Truffles Burger Bar was great! Everyone enjoyed their meal and it was nice to visit some more.

 Rounding out this month was Aaron's birthday and he and I enjoyed a lunch of sushi in Brockville.

 I tried my hand at a Key Lime Cheesecake and it turned out great! It definitely goes into the cookbook for next year.
                  We shared that meal with the new in-laws and a great time was had by all.

                                      The dogs however were all worn out after all the activity.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

It Has Been Too Long, My Baby Got Married

 Life sure tumbles along.  My mom passed away earlier this year and just last week my youngest son got married. Life is full of surprises, challenges and good things too.

Good friend Ronna made the cake. My son's only request was that there be a black and a white VW Beetle on top of the cake. It was lovely AND delicious!  You can check out Ronna's cake blog HERE.  Thank you for being a part of such a special day.

There have been requests for me to take up this blog and continue to post so I will make a good effort to do just that. My mom used to check it every day and we would chat about whatever she read. With her gone, I rather lost my interest, thinking no one would be looking anymore. Thank you for stopping by.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

A Little Christmas Crafting- Advent Calendar

 I took part in a Facebook swap recently and it was Advent Calendar themed.  I immediately thought of the wee watch part boxes I had. They would be perfect to hold tiny surprises.

 I painted the boxes green and had fun finding wee bits and bobs to tuck in. Above is my initial sample effort. Then to find a way to keep it all together. These are not the final item choices that ended up inside each box. With the boxes only an inch square it was a challenge finding just the right thing to tuck in.

 This is an old Ludo game box. Perfect. I a painted it red, gave it a spatter of white and thought it ready to install the Advent Calendar tree.

 Each box is covered with some vintage Christmas wrap which is easy to poke through to find the surprise inside.  I added some vintage pieces to the bottom of the tree as well as some paper birds to and then added the numbers to the boxes.

One of the boxes has one of these tiny  Shiny Brite ornament boxes in it.  These come in kit form from Alpha Stamps. You can find it HERE, along with many other great creative materials. It was a  lot of fun to make.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

First Snow of 2017

                                            We woke to a winter wonderland this morning.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

All Over The Place For Thanksgiving Weekend

 It was the Perth Autumn Studio Tour over Thanksgiving weekend and we had rented the cottage for two nights in the area so we could take it in again. It had been five years since our lest visit. Too long.
 We had really pleasant weather on Saturday. Above is a detail shot of one of  "Kirk's Canoes"

 We took a short walk to check out the walk-in camera obscura while visiting Frank van Oort's studio.

             A sample of traditional fence builder, Scott Dobson's work at another studio.

                                                          Still life on a window sill.

 Saturday morning found the lake smooth as glass.  Not a whole lot of colour at this time in the area. There we little punches of it here and there.

 On our way out we picked up ribs at Northern Soul to fill out the menu for the weekend. Marty couldn't pass up their "Thanksgiving Poutine"  Pretty darned good!  This was the closest we got to a turkey.

 Joshua and Emma came along for the weekend too. They got in a little kayaking before we began the artist tour.

                                                               Beach still life.

                                                                     As found.

                                            We found a couple of baby turtles on the beach.

                                                      "Red sky at night, sailor's delight."

                                    Well, we woke to some serious wind the next morning.

                Marty and I checked out the "Fantasy in the Forest" art show on the way home. I loved this display by Douglas MacDonald.  His web site is here, Rue Royale Stone.

 We are used to seeing him at the Kiwi Garden's Art in the Garden show on Father's Day weekend so it was a nice surprise to find him here as well. We always buy something from him.

                                                             His work is wonderful!!!


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