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Friday, October 24, 2014

Along The Road

                        Autumn declares the end of one season and the beginning of another.
                                                        Cow corn awaits harvesting.

                                          While the mustard blooms a sunny yellow "hello!'

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Good Company

 You know that winter is on its way when the wood needs to be stacked!  I don't mind it though, as it is a most satisfying task, seeing all neatly tucked up neatly against the wall.

 Every job goes more smoothly when you have some "help."  The chickens thought this was a most interesting addition to the yard.

Then I had a visitor to the Milkhouse and as the door was open, they decided to be really brave and check it out for themselves.

                             "Seriously, it's pretty cool in here!"  Mr. Mister wasn't so sure.

 These three thought they had found a great perch, away from other birds. No so much. A little too far from the house.

 When Joshua is home he loves to pick up the birds. This one had a lot to say to him and rather enjoyed the attention.

Later, she sought him out. So they went for a walk. They dropped by the kitchen to see what was cooking, no, not chicken tonight.

              Who knew chickens could be so entertaining and such good company?

Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Fun Find

 This was a recent find. The back of an old stove. It is enamel over cast iron and has some weight to it.  It is in great condition but for the chip you can see on the left panel.  The mirror even swivels.

                               I cleared off the top of my Hoosier and put it on top. I like it!  The "Shopsy" sign belongs to my youngest son.  For now, I get to "keep" it in my kitchen.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Little Autumn Colour

 While the trees shed their leaves at an alarming rate, there is still some good colour around the yard. My giant marigolds are still blooming.

                                 The asters along the pond are a lovely purple.

                     The spent Queen Anne's Lace looks like delicate lace cups.

                         There is still the odd sunflower attracting those busy bees.

                         The hens are all fluffed up and well camouflaged for this time of year.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Canning Upgrades

 I have canned a little on and off over the years. But for the last couple of years I have invested more time to store up and preserve our garden bounty and produce gleaned from the farmers market.
Canning isn't hard to do but it does require a few basic pieces of equipment and your time.
So, having hauled out the same old speckled canning pot over the years, I decided this year there had to be something better than rusty water to can my stuff in.
So, I did some research. And, yes, they do make a stainless steel canning pot! Not cheap though.

 So, I started listing some of my collections for sale and was gratified to actually find buyers!

 First order of business was to replace the old speckled and rusty canning pot with this one above. What a concept, being able to actually "see" when the water is boiling!   I love it! The handles are riveted too so the whole thing is securely put together. It will never rust.  By "Victorio."

 I expanded  my canning library. The Better Homes & Gardens Canning magazines always have great ideas each year.  My faves are the "Preserving By the Pint" and "Food in Jars."  I keep finding just what I need in those two books.
"Saving the Season" is like a canning textbook and has lots of ideas and good stories.  "Small Batch Preserving was an impulse purchase at Winners one day a while back. I've used one or two recipes from it so far.

 I recommend this old standby to anyone who is even thinking about canning. Everything in this works great and tastes wonderful!  Lots of good information.  You can find it in most stores that sell canning stuff.

 A number of folks had referred to this "fourth burner pot" on other blogs so I finally caved and got one too. It is very handy for so many things as it has a footed basket inside and if your produce gives you an extra jar to can and your big canning pot is full already, then this will do that one extra jar up in no time.  Good for jam jars and pint jars.

 I had been dividing some of my recipes between two pots as I didn't have one big enough to handle everything. Winners last week provided a reasonably priced solution in this great big stainless steel pot.  You just never know what you are going to find there!  Great gobs of tomatoes for sauce and a triple batch of green tomato mincemeat were no problem for this pot!

We found the gas cook top at a yard sale last year and hubby  made a counter for it and tucked it on the porch for me to use.  The counter is even shorted than normal so short me can use it comfortably and still see inside that big pot! How cool is that?!

And so, things have been processing along nicely this year.  If you are going to do something a lot, you want good tools and equipment to do it.  Sometimes it just takes years to get it all together.

Maybe next year I will give pressure canning a try.  That will require a lot more sales!

What's your favourite thing to can?

No, I am not affiliated with anyone, just sharing what has worked well for me.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Random Stuff, Changing Seasons

 The chicks have been growing and this shot is from a week ago. They were getting out of their "nursery" all the time so it was time to move them.

 As their feathers were growing in it looked a lot like they were growing an extra pair of wings!

                                                I found out who was eating strawberries.

                                                  They also loved the wild grapes!

      Last Thursday was lovely and so I did some apple picking at Hall's in Brockville.

                                                     I brought home my own bushel.

             Good timing as we got a good frost that night. That was it for my garden. Lots of canning yet to be completed.  Time to give the coming cold season some consideration. Firewood is being delivered later this week.  I hope all is well with you!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Thursday, September 11, 2014

How Was Your Day?

Just a typical day at home.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Baby's Day Out

 That super warm day we had recently was perfect for the chicks to have an outdoor adventure. A few weeks old and beginning to get their real feathers.
 One even has a real tail!

                                I tucked them into the tractor so they could roam about safely. It created quite a stir with the other chickens! I heard noises coming from them I never thought a chicken was capable of!  After a short while, they are chickens after all, they resumed their normal activities and left the babies to their own business.

Mr. Mister however hung about nearby keeping an eye on these new creatures. He gave me this look, "Seriously?!"

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Chasing Sunsets

 Marty and I were out this evening and in the distance the sky was putting on a nice show.  We took the long way home and followed it, stopping along the way to take pictures. We also passed a wind farm. I don't think they add anything good to the landscape!

And then it was over. Red sky at night, sailor's delight! A nice change after the rainy morning we had at the market!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Garden Joy

                                                       Who doesn't love a sunflower?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Your Home Renovation Store

                                                                   Who knew?


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