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Monday, April 14, 2014

What A Lovely Way To Start The Week

 The snow is all but gone now and the dogs and I enjoyed a wander about the yard.
It was misty out.
 "My" turkeys are back!  I love to hear their gobble gobble in the morning.

 Aaron and I spent a good part of the day outside. The brightest green I could find was this moss growing tucked behind the house.

 the afternoon brought darks skies and rain.  I stepped out after dinner to find the sky a golden glow- no photo tricks here, this is just as I found it.  Wonderful! This was facing west.

 I turned around and behold, a rainbow! If you look closely you might be able to make out a second rainbow to the right of the rainbow.

                                          It wasn't just part of a rainbow.

                                     It was the whole thing!  In my own back yard!

Once it was all over, the rainbow faded and the sunset turned a little orange.  I hope your week is off to a good start!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring- Before The Blossoms & Leaves

 In town the sidewalks are clear and roads dry, and the larger parking lots hold mountains of dirty snow slowly melting away.

 It was cold and sunny today.  Time to finally remove the Christmas lights and garlands. Having a tall son about helps with the porch.

                                        Ready to be packed away for another year.

                                        The area beside the pond always melts first.

         Where once there were icy ruts and snow, puddles and mud dry slowly in the sun.

                             The pine needles add a spot of colour beneath the trees.


   A little critter greeted us at the back door the other day, claiming the wood pile for its own.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Eggs & Cream, Eggs & Cream, Eggs & Cream, and Cabbage

 Yup, just food today. It could be the changing season, or the lack of changing season, but I've been in the kitchen a bit more lately.  I had, for many years a Donvier Ice cream maker. Then, after many years, I handed it off to a young mother with a bunch of young children. I had not used it, after all, for years.  Then, a little while ago, I found another Donvier ice cream maker, in RED. I brought it home!
On the weekend we made blueberry ice cream. It was okay.  On Monday we made vanilla ice cream.
                                                        It was fabulous!

                    Topped with fresh maple syrup and walnuts only made it better.

            How about a cheese souffle? Smooth and creamy and warm. Like an airy hug.

 Perhaps some lovely Swiss chocolate mousse? This recipe was given to me by our Swiss exchange student, oh so many years ago. Decadent!  Well, now I only have four eggs left until this weekend.  Totally worth it!

Last week, Aaron and I joined some friends for dinner at Tandoori Mint, in Brockville. It was our first taste of real Indian cuisine. It was wonderful!  Later in the week, we tried our hand at some Blind Gobi, a Punjabi-style Cabbage dish. It was delicious. So much so, I made a fresh batch the next night too.  I served it over rice, topped with chicken.

Perhaps this is just the end of the cold season and the recipes will soon, hopefully, take on a fresh green sort of look.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Icy Curtain

I've been watching the icicles on the west side of the Milkhouse for days now and they seem pretty set on sticking around. Things are expected to begin to warm a little so we will see how much longer they last.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Stovewood Travels

 As the snow recedes here and there, and then is covered up again with more snowfall, one might come across the odd piece of stovewood throughout the yard.  I know it isn't the squirrels, no matter how healthy they look, feeding on the birdseed. I know it's not the crows, though substantial birds, their beaks are too small.

 I'm pretty sure it has to do with the dogs. Our dogs, to be exact.  They like to hang out with us while we stack the wood into neat and tidy piles, near the door for easy retrieval throughout the season.

                                       They look innocent enough, don't they?

 Gumdrop is particularly fond of stovewood. Just the right size for some fun and it makes for a good chew.

                                      It's important to get just the right piece of wood.

                                           Get right into chewing it up.

 Oh, Odelia thinks she wants that piece too.  She's never actually taken the trouble to choose her own piece of wood. What Gumdrop has is always what Odelia wants.

 Odelia runs about with her prize, hoping Gumdrop will give in to the chase. Gumdrop rarely does, she just gets another piece of wood.

So, Odelia drops her prize where she stands, runs off to take whatever Gumdrop has since unearthed, and the whole game begins again.  So, we never really "run out" of wood, we just use up what is stacked and cannot find the rest, broadcast about the yard, and safe beneath the snow, thanks to Odelia.
Still looking forward to spring!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ice, Snow, Dogs, & Shadows

 There are icicles to be seen all about. That means there is some melting happening. They are long icicles, meaning the cold won't let go, even if the sun is trying to warm things up a bit.

                 The ground under the bird feeders looks like a crazy quilt of embroidery.

 The dogs don't much mind the snow. They can still run and chase the ball. Where's the downside to that?

 While gumdrop loves to catch snowballs and eat snow, it has taken Odelia a while to figure out what the big deal was.  Now, she runs about, strafing the ground catching up big mouthfuls of the cold, white stuff.  With each bite she cries, "Too COLD!" But, she takes another bite and another, After eat one, more crying. Silly girl! Maybe it gives her brain-freeze.

 Today, Gumdrop was particularly vocal and spent as much time barking as she did running about. Perhaps, spring is in the air, and we just haven't noticed, yet.

The sun was just right to capture the icicles, the shadow of the tree behind me and the the blue sky and tree on the other side of the garage, all in one shot. I thought it was pretty cool.
Enjoy your week, Everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Outside =Cold, Inside= Warm

 Happy St. Patrick's Day.  Sporting a little green?  No green to be seen around here, still.  Another snowstorm rolled through Saturday afternoon, leaving another layer of white stuff.

                             The dogs wore the evidence of a winter without end.

 Inside, a warm kitchen revealed the sunshine-y gold of ghee cooling on the counter.

   Some fresh sourdough bread, right out of the oven, filling the house with a warm welcoming fragrance.

I was hoping for a little relief this morning but we are still in way-below-zero range.  The blue sky is appreciated though.  Stay cosy, Everyone!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hang In There, Spring IS Coming, I think.

                                                             My reality.

                                                             My labour.

                                                              My hope.
Here is a link to Rick Mercer's rant on the seven day forecast. It's good to laugh, even if you are cold.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

After The Storm

 After it snowed all afternoon and into the evening, the wind picked up and whistled away during the night.  As I fell asleep, I was thinking it would be interesting to see things the next morning.
Skiffs of snow looking more like sand on a beach.

                    The northwest corner of the house had some little drifting going on.

                  The wind had created little bowls around the base of the trees.

                                       The Milkhouse looks cosy in her winter blanket.

A little more snow and blowing wind and the door to the garage might just have disappeared.  I guess it's okay to have left the garlands up til now. It looks like Christmas all over again.  There were a lot more neat things to photograph however it really did feel like minus 26 Celsius, with the windchill, so I came back in the house!
Warmer days to come..we keep hoping.


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