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Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Little Cozy Gift

 It's chilly outside and the snow is gently falling, covering the ground in a white blanket.

I received these cute little hats in the mail the other day, from a friend who made them.  They make me smile.

                                                                 Egg cozies!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas In the Kitchen Ornament Swap

 Erica of Golden Egg Vintage announced an ornament swap. I was privileged to be her swap partner.
Erica has a fun blog and a keen eye for a good find!

                                          Her box arrived filled to the brim with goodies!

 Her two ornaments were adorable and are perfect additions to my kitchen tree. Her tag is ornament- worthy too and hangs alongside the tin heart sweet gingerbread house.

 She added lots of sweet extras: a tiny Santa mug, and matching tea towel, a favourite recipe, some handmade pipecleaner candy canes, a peppermint sucker, and hot cocoa. Not shown is a fun vintage Pillsbury recipe booklet.

                                     A baggy full of really neat Christmas labels and clip art.  To top it all off she had made a really neat dried orange and cinnamon stick ornament. It hangs perfectly on my pot rack in the kitchen.  Thank you so very much Erica. It was all wonderful!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Upper Canada Village- Alight At Night

 Saturday wasn't too cold so we all head out to take in the Upper Canada Village Alight at Night light display. Before you arrive at your destination you see this old train and station all lit up. There were lots of cars stopping along the highway to take pictures.

All these photographs are by my son, who had a camera that could take good nighttime shots.

 We were the shortly after it opened for the evening and the parking lot was already more than half full and the line-up to get in was LONG. For an extra $1.50 per person I could have gotten the tickets online but for four adults it would have been an extra six dollars.  Thankfully the line moved quickly and it wasn't too cold. When you are cold, six dollars doesn't seem like so much more. Chilly enough though standing still.  There were lots of well bundled children totally enjoying the snow during their wait.
                                      Once inside you are welcomed by large nutcrackers.

                                  Lights everywhere. Well-bundled visitors wandering around.

    There was a long line-up to ride the Ferris wheel. The ticket price included a ride on the Ferris wheel, a train ride and a wagon ride.

                                                        Aaron in front of the General Store.

                                                             Lights glow under the snow.
It was nice wandering about seeing the lights.  I was expecting more. Something that would give at least a nod to the 1860s village we were wandering about. Perhaps live carollers wandering about, Dummy boards in front of each building portraying those who may have lived and worked there in 1860, dressed in their winter garb, more old fashioned traditional songs, hot cocoa and hot cider available on every corner, something to actually see while on the train ride. More snowmen, maybe an ice rink, more than just lights. Winter in Canada. Truly unique.

We enjoyed our time there and also enjoyed warming up next to our wood stove with hot cocoa once home again.

Christmas Magazines

I used to look forward to buying Christmas magazines each year, being inspired by new decorating ideas, gift suggestions and recipes to try.  Back then, as a newlywed, young mother, stay at home mom, it was all new and great fun to exchange ideas with friends in the same position.  All these years later I'm quite happy with my own style and my recipe list is long and full of family favourites. It is fun to pull some of those old magazines off the shelf and revisit them. I think I miss Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion the most.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Little Christmas In My Kitchen

 I always decorate for Christmas in the kitchen. I spend so much time in there I like to be able to enjoy some seasonal decor there too.
The angel and heather wreath on the door are there all year long. The black and white wool stocking echo the black and white tiles on the floor.

                                         A yellow ware bowl filled with glass ornaments.

                                                   Painted ornaments by a friend.

                                             A tin mitten tucked with some wintry greenery.

            On the windowsill is a small "kitchen" tree, filled with kitchen related ornaments.

          Handmade ornaments from puzzle pieces and game tiles keep company with a handmade puffy paper star garland.

                                              A hand painted cup from an egg poacher.

A vintage Christmas garland, two tin trees, and a paper and tinsel Christmas greeting round out the festive touches in the kitchen. My two wooden angels were purchased many years ago at the Annapolis, NS market and are out all year round.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tree Time

                            It took a little while to get the tree decorated but it is finally done. Hubby got the string of bubble lights working again.

                       Good to see some old friends again and the memories that go with them.

             Lots of finds from over the years. Thirty years of thrifting have filled our tree.

                                            A touch of warmth for those cold winter nights.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Little Nostalgic Sparkle

 Resembling your grandmother's favourite brooch, pinned carefully on her Sunday coat.

                                                               Stones set carefully.

                                          Each piece unique, just like a snowflake.

                                       A really nice find for this year, from Dream Weaver, Brockville.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Found: A Little Thrifted Christmas Joy

 I came across this fun vintage box made from Christmas cards all crocheted together.

Tucked inside are a pair of Analee Mobilitee dolls, also found at the same place. A perfect match.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Wee Little Yard Sale Christmas Finds

 It's been many years of thrifting to pull together a little corner of Christmas that is enjoyed all year round.
A chalk ware snowman, a tiny plastic gift box topped with a wee glitter house ornament and Christmas cake charms gathered over the last 35 years.

 A tiny wax baby Jesus in His manger and a German lamb and Italian angel.  Sweet finds.

 This wax tree topper is an amazing find as it is still in great condition.  It has lovely handmade metallic lace trim and foil wings.

A feather tree found at a store closing years ago, sits happily in a base built by my DH from a picture in an old issue of Country Living magazine.
Christmas memories.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

On The Cold Snowy Day

 We had our first real dump of snow early this week.  It's still here too.  There are rumours of warmer temps ahead but in the mean time, the wood stove is stoked and the kitchen is a good place to hang out.

Yesterday I made up a batch of deviled eggs. It's been decades since I have made these. Good too, as it was hard to not eat them all!  However, with lots of eggs coming in every morning, this might become a habit. Rule number one, only make them when you have others around to share with you.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Steve Bell & First Snow

               This was the 401 heading to Kingston Saturday afternoon. It cold and clear out.

                                                       picture borrowed from HERE

Why were we heading to Kingston? To attend a Steve Bell concert. We have followed him for a good number or years now and always try to get to his concerts when he is in Eastern Ontario.Two time Juno award winner, from Manitoba, he is a fabulous guitar player,, songwriter and storyteller. Always a good way to spend an evening.

We also enjoyed a fabulous meal at Curry Original in downtown Kingston.  It was a wonderful meal and I hope we get to go back again sometime.

 I woke up this morning, bright and early hoping to catch the sunrise. No sunrise but lots of snow.

                     The burning bush berries look especially bright  dressed with fresh snow.

Still coming down. A great excuse to head to the studio and get creative. Stay warm and cozy.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

More Box Love

 I truly didn't know what I might find inside when I found this box. I just knew it was older and could be a great base for a future assemblage.

                                                            Inside a set of cutlery.

 Here is another cool box.  All wooden and curious with the sloped front. Again it opens out from the centre.

                                  Voila! A desktop stationery holder. How cool is that?

Early Morning Gifts

 November is mostly a gray unpleasant month. The days get short and the nights, darker.
The last of our trees to change and drop their leaves give us the gift of yellow which looks so much brighter against overcast skies.

               This morning I was greeted by a flock of wild turkeys in the back yard. I noticed them before the dogs did, thankfully. It allowed me to to enjoy them for a while.

                                                    Enjoy the changing of the seasons.


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