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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I had a remarkable find a few years ago when we happened upon a yard sale in Quebec. the gentleman was selling off the remains of his family home and mother's life. It was like stepping back in time. These people didn't throw anything out. There were old toys and clothing, Christmas ornaments and the usual kitchen items. I bought a whole assortment of old games along with a joyous assortment of other vintage items. Every year I think of that man as we decorate our tree with the ornaments carefully kept by his family. This collage came out of that purchase of games. I love the graphics and the wonderful little game pieces. The colours! This was made up of colour copied game boards and ancient Old Maid playing cards. The clay poker chips were found elsewhere in Quebec. In high school I began collecting the Jokers from decks of cards. We played Euchre every day at lunch time.
Now I'm hooked and have shelves of vintage games that offer inspiration and imagery for my future projects.
My husband has built a lovely shadow box for this and several of my other pieces. It is 8"x8".

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