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Friday, June 15, 2007


The latest Creative Underground swap is a fairy garland. It will be interesting to see what magic they work again. With each swap they seem to out-do themselves in the assembly process. This is my contribution to the garland. I used old tin Christmas tree reflectors and added the hand charms from www.joggles.com.
The legs are made up of beads from deconstructed necklaces.
I stamped the face from an Artchix Studio (www.artchixstudio.com) rubber stamp sheet and the wings are from old flocked poinsettia flower petals. Years ago my girlfriend and I picked up a whole bunch of the faded Christmas accent from a "free" box at a little antiques shop. We then passed a lovely afternoon visiting and taking apart each flower to use its components later. You just never know when that little find of most unusual flotsam might be "just the thing" to finish a project!


Ronna said...

They are adorable Jen. Wish I was in the swap too!

~M said...

Wow, Jen!
I love it! I'll have to swing by the underground when the whole thing is put together.
One of these days I'll gather my courage and join one of their swaps - this one is bound to be one of the most charming!
Again, GREAT job!


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