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Monday, August 20, 2007

River Journal

This is the river journal from our round robin. I had a whole slew of ideas and as usual the end result has nothing to do with the original plan. I had fun with tissue paper and found an old map of Quebec. What more famous river than our St. Lawrence River? It's more collage than geography lesson. I love to tear and paste!

1 comment:

~Mary Nation said...

Hi Jennifer,
Just catching up on my blog reading - I noticed that the pic(s?) on this and on the next blog (As time goes by) aren't showing up. Hmmmm... The rest do.
Thank you for all the fantastic ideas - I LOVE your drawer next to your reading nook! I'm trying to set up a little nook myself - SPACE is an issue!
I just repainted my office - can't BELIEVE I ever had all this stuff that I cannot seem to fit back in there!
The studio--woah, we won't go there!
Anyway, sorry to chatter on - just wanted you to know that I love you blog - you're an inspiration!


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