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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What A Find!

Yesterday I was on the road again with errands and appointments. While my son was busy, I had some time to kill wandering about downtown Brockville. In a little high-end antiques shop I happened across a pile of art supplies and the owner was quick to fill me in on the details of his acquisition. He was bidding on a lovely hand-carved artist's mannequin and part of the the lot were all the "tools of the trade." He was hoping to happen across someone who was into art and might want it. Well, with my son beginning the Fine Arts program at the local college, I figured it was serendipity that brought me here for such a great find. (I was actually heading to the scrapbook store!) The tools are vintage and excellent quality and the paints are all like new. He's got the oils and acrylics covered and at least one sketchbook for every medium he might come across, not to mention tools for lino-cuts and sculpting. I've got dibs on the handmade papers! It's been fun sorting through everything and finding much of it useful! A great deal.

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