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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A Good Use For Old Doors

We took a couple of old doors we found in the barn and re-purposed them into what will be the sales counter in the milk house. This is the back. There will be two shelves on the left and one shallow one on the right.
Here is the front. How handy is it to have a door with a window which is now the front of a display case? Below is the happy cabinet-maker himself. For the moment anyway. As I write this he is outside in the dark with a large spotlight, cutting a big piece of slate to become the counter top. He still needs to paint the body. I'll take after photos as soon as it's ready.


Bonni said...


It is looking wonderful! What a lot of work you've all done these last couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing.

Paul said...

Jennifer, the Milk House looks great! It is also great to see a mug shot of Marty, even if he is laying down on the job. Seriously though, we really miss you guys. Would love to sit and catch up on life sometime. I've got my best friend back. She completed her walk last saturday. It was a wonderful celebration. Praise God for the $132,000 raised so far for the Village of Hope. Blessings, paul


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