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Saturday, September 29, 2007

More Cards

I've begun the process of making cards using up the little packages of folded card stock that come with envelopes first. The above is actually 'new year's eve' themed paper but with the "hand of God" stamp ( which has an antique glass watch crystal attached to the center, but apparently it is currently invisible), it takes on a whole different feel.
Marty's youngest brother is a new dad (a boy) and so I made a few baby cards. The stamp is from the Moon Rose Art Stamps.
This began as one thing and turned into what you see above. I'm pleased but it looks like I wont be able to find any more velvet leaves this shape. This one is an antique and those that are reproduced now are not so detailed. Sigh...
This is a smaller card and all the numbers on it made me think of children's birthdays. Those are the years we are so proud of the numbers climbing. It's a little different now.

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