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Thursday, November 15, 2007

E Bay Finds

Recently I was poking around EBay and found some auctions for the wonderful paper bits I love. Above is just a small sampling of the bundle of over 70 antique Valentines I just received in the mail. They were a terrific deal and I was surprised to find they far surpassed what the description gave. A couple of them are the old honey comb fold-out types and there are a few articulated ones too. They are all from 1921-25. Only one duplicate.
Here is an assortment of old Princess Pat labels. I love the old labels! The graphics are fabulous. The "Black Beauty" label is part of a package of 100 I got. It's an old broom label from the '20s. I like to find things in bulk as I can then put together little collage packs to share with those who visit the shop. There sure seems to be no shortage of such finds in the states, if you consider the listings for such things on EBay. I also received a four little bundles of cigar bands (1000 total) and some neat old Christmas labels. I've got some ideas for cards for them. Oh yes, and 200 old pharmacy labels. They make for an interesting read!

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