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Monday, November 12, 2007

Some More ATCs

There were a couple of Bulk Barn ads that had all these neat pictures of piles of grains, oatmeal, granola etc. They made me think of mice and how at this time of year they are storing up for winter and looking for warm places to sleep, esp. inside old houses like ours. I call this series "Midnight Snack."

For "Little Boy's Pockets" I stapled old jeans onto cards cut from a Hershey chocolate bar box and filled the pockets with things one might find in "little boy's pockets." Joshua had many other suggestions of things to add like, screws, rocks, sand, shells, measuring tapes, etc. Good ideas but then they wouldn't fit into the page packets! Oh yes, don't forget the ever important Swiss army knife! Everyone in the family has one of those.


Ronna said...

Love the ATCs Jen!

You Kyeong said...

It's so funny! :)


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