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Friday, December 21, 2007

Family Portrait

Above is a pic of the cookies made for Christmas this year. It was hard to stop, but I simply put away any leftover ingredients and will perhaps, make something later on in the winter. Those present for their big picture opportunity are: Pizelles with anise flavour, Grammie's Chocolate Cookies, Pecan Chocolate Bars, Mini Fruitcake Cupcakes w/Brandy glaze, Scottish Shortbread, Traditional Sugar Cookies, Mint Domino Bars, mini Mince Tarts, Peppernuts, Lebkuchen, and Muster Day Gingerbread cookies. The camera shy are as follows: Raspberry Almond Bars, Lemon Shortbread and Chocolate Bumps (which are just melted chocolate with a bit of butter tossed with peanuts and raisins, dropped unceremoniously onto parchment to set and be eaten!).

Have a lovely Christmas Everyone!

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