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Monday, December 3, 2007

The Tree is Up!

Many years ago I got this little half tree from a Canadian mail order company~ the Added Touch. I love how it hangs so neatly and holds so much at the same time. Most of the little chenille Santas came from an auction a long time ago. They were in a ratty old bread bag and no one else was interested. Naturally they were a bargain. The rest of the stuff was my mom's.
Here it is. The lower branches aren't too heavily dressed as the dogs have very enthusiastic tails and we typically lose an ornament per year. Strange how Gumdrop is ever more interested in playing when the tree is up! The popcorn garlands were strung years ago in a hot air popper and each year I store them carefully away in ziplock bags. They come out fine. The dogs don't even bother with them.
This is a detail shot. Even before I was married I was heading out to yard sales with my high school chum (who is visiting this week!!) and picking up all manner of things along with old Christmas ornaments. Twenty plus years later, I can finally fill the tree.

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