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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Another Collage

Okay, before beginning a new project, I like to clean up a bit. Lets face it, I never have a totally clear workspace, and no matter how much clear space I may begin with, I end up working in a very small patch of table as everything around me starts to close in. I could say that I like to have everything within reach, and it may be a little true, however, stuff just kind of builds up where I work. Anyway, this single glove lay there looking a little lonely so I thought it ought to be put to use in another collage, so this is what I ended up with, using the bits that were all too near at hand. The second collage for today is waiting to be glued up as it were and will be posted shortly.


Dale said...

I love the glove that you used here in your collage. Did it already have the 'ring' thing, or did you add it? It is a perfect touch :)

justjen said...

Actually, the "ring" is an old metal button. Glad you like it.


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