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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Check Out Teesha!

I just received Teesha Moore's latest published set of journal pages and they are wonderful. No surprise really. She is captivating in her mastery of creating the most fascinating and delightful journal pages. You can go back to these over and over and never see everything. I also received some of the back issues of her zine, "Art and Life." Fab!

Ronna also directed me to a wonderful blog called Paris Breakfasts. I've just spent the past hour perusing it and it left me inspired and hungry. Her photos of Paris and New York as well as her watercolours are a delight to the eye and imagination. Do check it out.

Last night after a day filled with false starts when it came to my creative goals, the boys and I settled down to watch "Across the Universe." It was an enjoyable escape for a couple of hours. Reminded me of a darker version of the Sgt. Pepper's movie from my youth. It's been years since I've seen it so maybe my memory is a little nostalgic about the whole thing.

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