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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Of Bowls and Balls

I like wooden bowls. It began with my grandmother's butter bowl, as we always called it (below). This one here, filled with an old yard sale find of many years ago ( still my best to date) came from a local town-wide sale. It poured rain the whole day and in spite of being soaked to the skin, my girlfriend and son and I tarried on until we had hit almost every one. The large wooden bowl was found in two pieces and as soaked as we were. My hubby fixed it the old fashioned way by sewing it together with copper wire.
These wooden balls (Bocce?) were found a long time ago as well. I added the antler last year. I'll find the perfect place for it later.

I have always appreciated the old Bennington pottery but the pieces were hard to find and often too dear for me. However, for a number of years, I was finding the same pottery but in the form of doorknobs and so began my doorknob collection.

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