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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Neat Finds and Finished Journals

Above is pic of some recent finds. The old cards of buttons are from Czechoslovakia, the loose beads are more of the same. The white flower is actually made from shells. I thought it was a "Florida" souvenir but it was actually made by someone in Kingston, ON! The round flowery things are earrings! And I just love the pineapple. The symbol of hospitality, you know.

Yesterday it rained most of the day. That's a good thing in order to wash away all the snow. However, on my way out to run errands one of the tires blew on the car so I pulled over and poor Joshua changed it in the rain(he did an excellent job too!). The tiny jack provided with the spare was too small at its base so it sunk into the mucky ground and caused all kinds of difficulty. Thankfully there was a fellow across the road who graciously loaned us his large jack and the problem was quickly resolved. Then the spare was too soft. He also happened to have a compressor and topped up the pressure for us. The errands didn't get done. We came home. This morning I got four new tires on my poor old car! Excellent. Just like new shoes. You know the special ones that fit like a glove the moment you put them on, and you are friends forever? They feel good. They may outlive the life of the car, which is fourteen years old!

Here, we have most of the journals finished. (Glen Miller, Oscar Peterson, and the Ugly Duckling await transformation). By the time the last one was done, I had pretty much mastered the Bind-It-All. I don't much appreciate the learning curve on some things. I figure that if I have a neat idea in my head, it should work out on my first try. Come, now. I don't think that's unreasonable at all! ;) Anyway, learning curves aside, I love the machine and look forward to using it a lot more. Now, back to work on the latest CU swap, and more Milkhouse stuff.


Ronna said...

Love the journals, Jen. They are really cool!

Dale said...

These journals are so beautiful! I love the idea of having a square journal... how different! I really like the shape and size, and as a music (esp. jazz) affectionado, how can i not be drawn to these fabulous journals!


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