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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Perfect Day

Today was the perfect day. Perfect temperature, gentle breeze and no bugs. Joshua and I spent most of it outside raking up leaves and hauling them out to the field. I cleared off the garden to find carrots still nice from last season as well as some onions that got forgotten. Even the old tomatoes left to rot have begun to grow from their seeds. Joshua found a field mouse and I watched a Garter snake sunning itself along the garage door. We also caught a glimpse of our pair of ducks coming in for a landing on the pond (one third of it is on our property).

This shot is from the oddest looking cloud formation I have seen for a long time. The sky was dark and it looked like someone had sprayed shaving cream clouds up there and they hung all fat and heavy. You could also see the shades of black surrounding them. Storm coming, and indeed it did. A good watering to wash away the dust of winter.

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