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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Misty Morning

I am always the first up in the morning. I enjoy the cool quiet before everyone wakes up and Marty starts to sing his song(the "monkey-dog" song, a strange little ditty that helps him wake up each morning), and the boys' alarms all go off to different music and Gumdrop joins in the chaos with much to say as well. Today, I opened the blind and saw the mist on the pond and just had to get out for a walk and take some pictures.
Gumdrop was happy to come with me and enjoyed ripping around the yard occasionally barking at me as though to tell me to hurry up so she could have breakfast. Silly girl, she should know that dogs do not eat breakfast before seven!

1 comment:

Beatrix Potter said...

Evocative and beautiful images, you're lucky you can stroll in such beauty and catch 10 minutes of quiet time, before of course the mayhem of feeding time begins!


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