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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Day in Cornwall

I was to meet Ronna in our usual spot in front of Winners. Turned out that Winners was closed for construction until October 7! How disappointing. Well, it was easy to come up with alternative plans for entertaining bargain hunting. We visited with Emma at her scrapbooking store, Auntie Em's for a bit, then hopped down to the Salvation Army store next. The silk leaves above were one of my finds.
I found a funky chess set of heavy solid plastic pieces. Aaron who came along for the ride and to keep me company on the long journey back and forth, even found some great bargains! A funky floor lamp, some books, and a very nice quality Alex Colville print.
I also found this lovely vintage print of a baby, and a bag of buttons. It's been a while since I have come across any buttons so this was a nice surprise. There were some great finds in there too. My favourite, a Bakelite button in the shape of a key!
On my way home we stopped at Value Village, which is usually disappointing but this time I found these old "Martinzing" cards with hankie detail stitched to the top of each. These are headed to the shop.
At lunch, Ronna suggested Fish and chips and this wee spot, tucked behind the Sears' mall parking garage, is a real gem. Best fish and chips I've had in a long time! Perfect weather and good friends. How can you beat that? Oh, and yes I did get the car parts and the groceries which were the main reason for going, too.

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