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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A New Collage Pack

I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon alone! Everyone else had something to do and somewhere to be. It doesn't happen often but it is so nice when it does. I had lofty plans to tidy up my studio and get into the Holiday mood but as I was putting things away, I kept coming back to an old enamel drawer filled with old card games. It's been decades of hunting and gathering to acquire them and I had recently thought it would be great to put together assorted packs for the shop from them. So, instead of continuing the tidying process I went downstairs and covered the table with little piles of cards. It took all afternoon and a bit of early this morning to get them all sorted and packaged. When they are all gathered together they make for quite an assortment! Most are vintage '60s or earlier, some are antique. All originals, forty cards per pack. Into the shop they go.

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Jenny said...

My dad would sometimes bring us a new card game when he had been to Montreal for the day . We always thought it was a big treat to get the card games. My oldest sister and I played lots of cards and even taught ourselves how to play Bezique and other games. As a family, we played Bridge.In high school, I learned the finer points of Hearts.


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