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Monday, September 15, 2008

Artist Tour Update

A very busy three days of activity are over and I am feeling somewhat as though we've run a marathon. Friday, Chris Van Zanten arrived to set up his wonderful glass pieces and Marty and I headed off to take the tour itself with all the other participants. That meant we all needed to be ready well in advance of Saturday's opening but it was very nice to meet the other artists and get a peek at their work, where we otherwise would have no opportunity to do so.
The weather wasn't too bad over all and it nice to meet so many enthusiastic visitors. The glass was very popular and there were a number of folk who really enjoyed visiting the shop. Even requests for workshops! I also put out the binder of my ATCs and it was fun explaining them to people. Some were very interested.
As Mr. Van Zanten had traveled from Packenham to be here we gave him the guest room and it was a wonderful weekend of getting to know such a talented and passionate fellow and learn about the wonders of glass. We will be certain to make the trip to visit him and see him at work sometime soon. If you go to his website there is a small video clip of him working the glass which is fun to watch. Do check it out.

Time to rest up and take care of some of the business side of art and get ready for the big Christmas sale at the local high school(November). The temperatures are dropping to 11 deg. Celsius today so maybe that will help get me in the spirit of the upcoming holidays.

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