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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Creative Nest

As a shopper, collector, hunter and gatherer of unique and unusual items, I love to come home with a variety of fun items versus spending a lot of money on one big item. I hope that folks will be able to do the same when they visit the shoppe.

I found a number of old wooden berry baskets recently and immediately thought they would be perfect for a small grouping of creative items. Thus became the "Creative Nest." You receive 38 pieces of crafty items to use in your art or be inspired to try something new. There are small packages of crinkle wire, mica flakes, glass glitter, sequins, a fibre pack, tags and more. You supply the imagination and adhesive of your choosing.
Then they all get wrapped up in cellophane, and sent into the shop!

The Milkhouse was once referred to as a candy store for creative people. I keep that in mind when I add things to it. Anyone need an antique wooden leg?

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