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Friday, October 10, 2008

Large Quilted Cornucopias

I found the pale blue ribbon during our trip to the cottage recently. I already had the darker blue. Then I had an idea!
I've had this quilt forever. It was damaged at one end and had some mold stains. The poor thing was doomed for the trash it seemed. Upon closer inspection, there were a number of perfectly good squares and I thought that they would make nice cornucopias. Something elegant and "shabby chic" in lieu of the typical Christmas stocking. Also they are lovely all year round. As you can see I stitched a ring to the back of it but it really looks best laying down.
I layered the ribbon for a super-lush look on this one. I'll do something different on each and post them when complete. I will be bringing them, among other things, to the local high school's big Christmas craft sale on November 15.

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