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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Snow Day, October 29!

We knew it was coming. They kept warning us us of its arrival and of the wind and the rain and the accumulation. Next time you are listening to "accumulation" numbers on the weather, get out your ruler and check it against what they say. Truly visualise it! You will then know how much of your pants will get snowy and wet when you go out to clean off the car.
Thankfully the mittens, etc. had been recovered from storage a few days ago. After all, it was getting cool in the mornings. However, no one thought it was anywhere near time to get out the boots. Well, they're out now! To think it is going back up to 15C on Friday. Perhaps it will be while yet before we need to get the shovels out again. Christmas maybe?
This is a shot from the other day, before the snow. Gumdrop was helping clean up the yard. The bigger the branch, the more fun!


Susan Williamson said...

This was downright scary, but beautiful. Your post reminded me that I need a new pair of winter boots, and that I will probably be needing them pronto.

Bonni said...

Boots?! Your crew all have their boots?! I'm a little behind this year...the girl-child needs some. And I suppose I should find the boy-child's boots. Watch, I'll buy the girl-child her boots and all this snow will all melt and we won't see any more of it until her feet grow another half-inch.

Stay cozy!


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