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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas ATCs

I am hoping the weather is good so we can head out to enjoy the annual Christmas party and trade with my old trading group, the Dunvegan Traders. However, if the weather is not good, and I can't go, at least my cards will there as I will hand them off early. This is half of my series. The funky crinkled ribbon and bells are from those little Lindor chocolate bunnies etc. you can get during different holidays. I have always saved them thinking there might be a use for them someday. Well, finally I have put them to use and even had to buy a couple more to get enough ribbons/bells to finish the project. Oh, the sacrifices we must make for our art!


Ronna said...

Love 'em! Can't wait to trade with you.

Linda said...

I LOVE these! I'm so behind in blog reading. Will be back to read the rest in awhile.


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