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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally Finshed and Ready For Christmas

In spite of my effort to simplify my seasonal activities, I still hold tight to some of the same old stuff I do every year. Like baking. The Florentines, above, are my favourite cookie but somewhat tedious to make, so this is a first in a couple of years. They are almost more like a candy than a cookie.
My hubby couldn't have a Christmas without Mince Tarts, so they got done too. I made little tarts so that there would be more to share and they should last a little longer too. I hope.
Many years ago a friend and I put together a rather successful Christmas sale. We did it for four years, and each year she did the ornaments and I did the baking. These are officially called Chocolate Raisin Peanut Mounds. We call them Chocolate Bumps. Aaron made these this year.
This is a new one. Cherries Jubilee. I think I got the recipe from the Christmas issue of Country Home. Anyway, they are now our official sugar cookie recipe. They have a lovely taste with the dried cherries and the addition of Chinese Five Spice powder and Brandy.
Many years ago I got a book called "Gifts of Good Taste," a Leisure Arts Publication. It has the most wonderful ideas for food related gifts. Instant Brownie Mix is one of them. I have sold a ton of jars of this and still give it away all the time. The best part is that the brownies actually taste good!
So, with son number one visiting on Christmas eve, the big meal will happen then. The nice part is that we will have leftovers for Christmas day. Less work for me.
Have a safe a lovely week.

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Linda said...

Yum! It all looks scrumptious! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.


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