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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy, Cold Saturday

While Marty did some snow clearing and made a dump run (no they do not pick up our trash here- I wont even start on how frustrating that is, but anyhow...), I was getting things ready for little dinner party last night. I was very pleasant evening with friends and nice to be able to pull out the last of the Christmas cookies to share.
I love to stand outside and watch the birds at the feeder. It was neat to see the Finch feeder full of diners! If you click on the above pic to enlarge it you will see one of them coming in for a landing.
Often my presence scares off whoever is at the feeders. Everyone but this little fellow. I think he is the "Keeper of the Feeders" and sends out a call whenever they are being refilled and yells at me when they are getting empty.

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