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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Clean-Up

It seems to be the time of year to get those pesky indoor chores done and all the hardware ads are certainly promoting that kind of thing. Thankfully there were some good ceiling fans on sale and we finally put one at the top of the stairs, in hte hall. It makes such a difference bringing or taking away the warm air as necessary, depending on the season. When we moved here this glass chandelier was hanging there. I realise they are all the rage right now but it has no place in our upper hall. As you can see it hasn't been properly cleaned since it was hung, likely more than a dozen years ago. As it was we could barely reach it to change the bulbs! I'm going to clean it up and I might steal some of its Bling to add to the one hanging in the Milkhouse. I'm keeping it and hope to find a place somewhere else for it later. **Actually I just thought of the perfect place for it! The Loft! There was a hanging lamp there before and my son took it when he moved out so this will replace it nicely. After a serious cleaning.
My guys keep telling me to wait to put away the Christmas stuff but it is looking a little weary about now. I'm always a little sad to see it go but look forward to rediscovering it all again next year.
This is the WALL. Aaron's wall. It divides his bedroom from his little studio space. This room has no windows, and it's like a little cave. The WALL is coming down and the two rooms will become one useful space. There are three windows on the studio side so there will finally be light everywhere. We can hardly wait to get this project done and to get back to normal, yet again. It wont be purple anymore either.

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