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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plans, Progress, and Setbacks

This morning Joshua and I headed out on an errand. Traffic was such that a stop in at Goodwill was most favorable so off we turned. I found this lamp and was attracted to the glass pieces hanging from it but was most disturbed by the copper coloured flowers.
No problem. Once home, I took it apart, painted the metal part white and reassembled it. Much better. Three dollar lamp, five dollars for a fresh can of white spray paint:Voila!
Lots of paint left for future projects.
The errand we headed out on was to do some trading for this lovely old shaving cabinet. When I saw it I knew it would look perfect in the guest room. It fit just so, in the corner of the room, and I got rid of an assortment of lovely pieces I no longer wanted.

As far as Aaron's room"progress report" goes, hubby had to go into work this morning, then we needed to split a bunch of wood for the wood stove ( hungrier than the average adolescent boy!), and then he replaced my front brakes. I guess work on the room will come Sunday afternoon.

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