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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Let Me Tell You a Little Story

Gumdrop is a little lonely for her Boy. She always figures that if Joshua is not in the house, he must be in the garage. So, she always sits and waits...
First there was the Sears lawn tractor Joshua bought for $100 and totally rebuilt with his dad. It's come in very handy.
Then there was the phone call from camp requesting we bring the trailer with us when we went to pick him up two summers ago. Camp is three hours from here. However, the camp leaders thought Joshua would like to rebuild this old Cub Cadet. What do you think? The snow blower attachment has come in handy on our long country driveway.
Well, Joshua has been saving his pennies for something a little bigger.
Yesterday, in fog as thick as Pea Soup, he and Marty pulled home this little darling: a 2001 Volkswagen Golf, TDI (that bit is important I'm told). So, instead of studying, he is out there cleaning up his new project/purchase. The change above is what he has found so far while cleaning. Perhaps there will be further dividends to offset his investment. It appears to be a good deal and the work required will be a lot simpler than what it took to get the two lawn tractors running. My baby boy!

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