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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

This card arrived last week. It is from a dear old friend. I use the term "old" loosely as we are the same age, however, I've known her since grade three, or was it two. Too long ago to attach a number to it. Here is my brother and Lini and I in front of our house in Nepean.

We were fast friends and shared a love for our "Little Bears," purchased from a wonderful toy shoppe, Ampersand, that is now gone from Ottawa. We would make houses out of the Girl Guide boxes that carried all the smaller boxes of cookies and create wonderful little worlds under a grand old tree at the back of the school yard. Lini is on the left. We are eight or nine years old here. As you well know, I grew up and had a family and am knee deep in launching my young men out into the world. You can check out what Lini is up to on her new web site. Be sure to check the video links. For those of you out West, you may have already seen her in action. (Don't ya just love my checkered pants?!)

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