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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celluloid Buttons

I have been busily reorganising the Milkhouse, taking things away, adding things, moving things around, etc. That means getting creative when sourcing out cool ways to display certain items like the many German china doll bodies, or the glove molds and shoe lasts. I have brought out one or two of my personal storage systems and that means I'll need a new way to store these celluloid buttons and buckles. Then I thought I ought to get bunches of them ready to add to the items in the Milkhouse. I'll never use them all and they are the neatest things.

With all the activity around here lately, I have now come down with the nasty cold the men in my house had. So, fever, a sore throat, ear infection and fatigue have set in. I will snuggle up with something easy to do that will satisfy the need to keep working, on something. Been to the doctor and have some Rx and hope to be back to normal ;) again soon.

I will have pictures of the changes in the Shoppe soon.

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