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Friday, April 24, 2009

Here's The Scoop

We have a wonderful local TV show called "Regional Contact" that covers creative folk in the Ottawa and Eastern Ontario area. I had sent them some info. regarding our local Autumn Artist Tour and of course included my blog with it. I got a call from the Hostess of the show saying how much she enjoyed the blog and wanted to visit the shop and see more of my work. How cool is that? She was also very interested in Marty's Mission Style furniture. It takes two days to do a shoot so the first to visit the other day was the cameraman. Jason was very patient with us and spent hours getting the shots that will eventually become a seamless presentation when it goes to air.
He started with Marty in the workshop. Lots of lighting equipment.
Here. Jason is shooting Marty in action. After lunch he finished up with Marty and then it was my turn. My studio is a little more cramped than the workshop and Joshua, the photographer here, was occupied keeping Odelia in his room while we worked. Sorry, no shots of that. However, we actually assembled a collage and then went out to the Milkhouse to get shots there. It was a long day, but fun too. Next week, the Hostess arrives with another cameraman to do more close-ups of the pieces we have created and to do the interviews. I have no idea when it will air, but it will be a little scary/ interesting watching ourselves, that's for sure.


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Wow, very exciting. Keep us informed. It is always interesting to watch these kind of stories.


Dale Anne said...

Hope it will be available online.

Ronna said...


Closet Artist said...

Oh I love to watch that show simply for the, well, contact to the region it provides! LOL Let us know when you will air. Congratulations!
I hope to be able to visit you wonderful store soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Nancy at http://wonderfulplacestovisit.blogspot.com/
Congrats on being featured on "Regional Contact"!
Reading through your blog I see we have the identical rotating bookcase. I just love it, though mine could use being restored, it too has lost a few buttons over it's life. Marty has done a beautiful job.
I bought mine at a Goodwill in California's North Bay Area for $10 and think I did well. Mine still has the medal disk that reads "Seargent Mfg Co
January 23 - 83"

It's great to see your wonderful art and items. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Susan Williamson said...

This is so exciting Jennifer!!! I really hope that you will able to post a clip from the filming so we can all see what we're missing by not living near Prescott.

Fete et Fleur said...

Congratulations, Jennifer!! How exciting it must have been. Will we be able to view this anywhere?


Anonymous said...

Marty and Jenifer... wonderful new and old world of treasures you have for all to see and take part in and I am so happy for you both and proud of you both aswell....love ya ... middle sis


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