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Sunday, April 19, 2009

No More Children In This House!

My baby, Joshua, turned eighteen yesterday. Hard to believe that the time has flown by ( for those of you with little ones, it really does go fast!). Now I am fully a M.O.M. a "Mother Of Men." I can honestly say that these years are much more emotionally trying then when I had three in diapers! At the same time, my guys are all great company and I love the time we have together. So, all those years of effort/sacrifice, prayer and sleepless nights have paid off.

Joshua is the only one who wants me to make him a card every year. He has them all lined up on his dresser. This is the one for this year. He wanted me to incorporate one of the Steampunk charms I made for a recent swap. He has always been a Magpie for watches and parts so this is perfect.

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