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Friday, May 22, 2009

Another Busy Week

Even though this is a short week with Victoria Day weekend behind us, it seems I am not getting anything done but the basic stuff. Had a good visit with my brother. I've been going through boxes of goodies, leftover from my mom's booth at the Antique Warehouse, which closed in March. She was there since they opened. I'll get pictures of some of the items as soon as I can put my hands on my camera. The pic above is my lifelong "inspiration board." Some of the clippings date back to my early teen years. Sorry about the glare, they had been laminated a long time ago so they wouldn't fall apart.

The fellow in the picture in the upper right was a real character about town, where we used to live. I actually did have the opportunity to audition for the National Ballet School of Canada so very long ago and I saved the ad from that. The photo of the children and the boat is one my brother took while he was in Zimbabwe many years ago. the sculpture pic is of a piece I saw in a little museum so very long ago on a trip to Florida. The detail is exquisite. I have no idea who did it. If anyone recognises it, let me know.

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June Parrish Cookson said...


Lovely blog! Enjoy your art, flea market finds, family and dogs. Aaron is super-talented -- love Odelia painting.

Have a great Memorial Weekend.

I'll be returning.

Thanks for the comment on my blog.



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