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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fresh Growth

Okay, I admit it gets me all excited to see the fresh green of new growth in the spring. It does the soul good. Here is a wee little Violet in the middle of the lawn. You could easily miss it.
In the milk cans that line the path to the Milkhouse I decided to try seeds again. Last year it rained so much that my Nasturtiums rotted. This time I planted yellow Alyssum. I hope it works. Here are the beginnings of what could be a very nice show.
Along the side of the Milkhouse I have gone with yellow Begonias. Mainly because they haven't gotten the red ones in yet and I'm impatient. I do like the way they set off the red on the building though. Behind the drip line I have planted yellow Nasturtium seeds.
I love these! Joshua chose them when we first moved here.
These began as a single plant from my dear friend Jenny. She lives on a wooded lot with the most wonderful assortment of forest flowers. I am thrilled with the fact that this plant has made a comfortable home for itself here. It grows on the very shady side of the house. Here's hoping we all have a very good growing season. It passes all too quickly here in Canada!

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