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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Fun Finds

I went looking for something very specific but as luck would have it, there were a few other treasures to behold. I found two old photograph albums (love their big format and cool covers) and even three packages of original refill pages to go with them. "The Vindication of Wives" has the most delightful illustrations, and so does the nursery rhyme book. It's falling apart so...you know what might happen to it....
The Air France book is filled with great photos of France from the '50s including many from Marie Antoinette's living spaces.

These were at the cash, sold as a lot. Two are covered with Mica sequins, three are from France and one, Germany. The funky gold sequined piece looks like a flower. Can you imagine what the lady was wearing to have this hanging from her wrist?

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