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Monday, May 11, 2009


Does chasing your tail actually accomplish anything? Do you ever look at the calendar and think to yourself, "this will be a busy week?" All the time huh.
Many things in our house don't need to be written on the calendar so maybe I just think there are weeks that aren't busy.
Sometimes, I just don't want to think about the juggling ahead.
Sometimes, you just bumble about, making things worse because you should have written things down.
No matter, there is always tomorrow to try again to get things right.

1 comment:

Closet Artist said...

I love those pics!!
I just wanted to say I watched your Regional Contact segment online since I missed it on tv Saturday night. I think you should put a link to it on your blog so others can see all the great eye candy !! lol Congratulations to you and your husband on a job well done. I hope to gather up my girlfriends and visit you soon!!!
Take care,


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