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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quacky Wednesday

This morning I woke to the very loud "gobble gobble gobble" of four wild Turkeys in our front yard. They moved too fast to get any pictures.

This afternoon found Joshua and I down a path watching dozens of ducks going about their business right in the middle of a neighborhood near the college. He was a little incredulous when I said he just had to see them all. But there are indeed dozens of ducks and a pair of Canada Geese making their homes there and raising multiple broods of ducklings and goslings.
There is even a little observation deck built so you can get a good look out over the water. I walked down the path while Joshua took pictures from the deck. Next thing we knew the babies were heading our way.
They came right up the hill to see me. I guess folks feed them or they wouldn't have been interested in us.
Even the mother didn't mind all the attention the babies were giving us.
At one point they went down the hill again and came up at another angle. Then, when they were certain we had no food for them, they went back to the water.


Ronna said...

OH my gawd, they are cuties!! Great shots!

Jenny said...

What fun! I love ducks and these are such wonderful pictures of them.


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