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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy Tuesday

It seems that lately I get to end of the day and am thankful it is time to go to bed. Today was market day for Aaron along with getting his picture taken for his new OHIP card and a doctor's appointment for Jacob. I was also looking forward to picking up my funky new eye glasses but there was a flaw in how they were assembled so I must wait longer for them. Tomorrow is another early start getting Joshua off to his job for 6AM, however I don't need the car for anything else and get to stay home for the whole day. YAY!!! It's been terribly hot and muggy lately so that isn't helping anybody's disposition either.
~The nest above was found by Joshua in the spring and I h ad tucked it into the corner of the planter by our back door. It has begun to sprout with whatever seeds are in the soil it is made with. A natural "Chia Pet!"

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