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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beautiful Black

As you may recall I enjoy my silhouette collection, finally residing in the guest room. It's perfect, I say. Don't need another piece. Well, when I saw this lovely item I fell in love, again. I watched, I bid, I won. It was very reasonable too!
In the same vein, this postcard captured my attention with its wonderful simplicity and the fact that it is hand painted. Reminds me of the old fashion plates.
This is a hoot! Don't you love her robe, and the little paper doll cutouts hanging from her hood. She is cozy indeed.
My mom gave me this years ago. It is a remembrance piece for someone who has died. The cutout is so intricate and her sorrow is quite evident in her pose (however I think 78 years would have been considered a very long life back then). Those Victorians did it again!

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