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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Joys of Little Boys

I recently came across these two photos while tidying up. Those who had gone before me had warned me that "boys will be boys" and to expect them to find themselves bumped and bruised as they navigated through childhood. I was determined that mine would be different and they would always be good and safe, etc. They had their own ideas. Aaron smashed his front tooth not once but twice, the same way both times. He also fractured his arm jumping out of a tree to see how fast he could land and his "piece de resistance" was putting a pencil though his eye in an impossible to repeat fluke accident. Jacob damaged his foot and ankle a few times skateboarding. Joshua managed to only break his arm falling off his bike, once. I'd say we did quite well over all.
Now Jacob and Aaron are safely tucked into their new dorm rooms and must navigate new waters, on their own. At least we have email to keep in touch and good ol' flat rate long distance. What will I do with my new found freedom?! More on that later. I'm resting right now.

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