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Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I woke to a killer frost this morning. There was even ice in the fountain! Time to find my gloves and other cozy items.
We had our Thanksgiving chicken today and I made a cherry slab pie. Unfortunately, while it was cooling, Odelia found it and just had to help herself to part of it. Marty and I were upstairs at the time and at one point she came up and was so very excited, trying to get us to follow her, which we didn't this time as I had just put her out. Apparently she wanted to show us the cool new food she had found. (Whatever she gets into she normally brings to us before consuming it.) Thankfully much of the pie was untouched.
Yesterday was going to be another quiet day, but Marty surprised me with a trip to Perth for their Autumn Studio Tour. Years ago, when we lived in Alexandria I would drive out to take in the curvy roads and fascinating studios and art. This year did not disappoint. The split rail fences go on forever.
The weather was perfect and there was a gentle chill in the air. The colours were wonderful. Much more striking than around home. We also spent a little time at the Balderson Cheese Factory for ice cream, a traditional stop.
On the way home, we drove through Merrickville and I just had to ask Marty to stop for these life-size animals in front of a gallery.
Aren't they grand? Literally and figuratively. Real showstoppers.


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

love the large animals and colourful leaves.

Sheila said...

Your fall foliage photos is beautiful, isn't Perth a great area. Family has a cottage up there...devine.

Susan Williamson said...

What a wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving--especially for Odelia! I've never heard of a dog nabbing a pie before and found this really hilarious.


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