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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Week Remembered

Denise drove a tractor at a job she held last summer. She was happy to take a spin on our "new" one. We enjoyed an extraordinary week of good weather.

There was a draw at the Christmas open house we went to at the flower shop. After a long day of shopping we came home to a phone message. Denise and Joshua had both been winners of door prizes! Joshua got the Monkey Bread mold and Denise the lovely arrangement. It wasn't prctical to haul it home on the train so I will enjoy the piece until the plants expire and then give her back the wicker sleigh.
It was very nice to have some female company in my male dominated home and to enjoy relaxing afternoons just visiting and catching up. Back to the old routine, which by the way, is never really routine. I keep hoping for some kind of quiet existence but that is not how it goes.


Sandy said...

It's a cold, dreary Autumn morning here in Western New York. What better way is there to brighten it up a bit than to surf the Web and find wonderful blogs like yours? Is that your farm I'm seeing? I have one too, but no out buildings, so it's practically worthless. Boo hoo... Love the barns and the tractor!

Denise said...

Hi Jennifer, been thinking lately about how much I appreciate your pots&pans that you gave me. I never would have purchased such quality wares so it is a blessing to use them every time. Thanks for them Jennifer you are so generous. denise


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