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Monday, March 29, 2010


Something to celebrate. The tag sale I referred to the other day was grand. It would have been so much more grand however, if I had been there on Saturday. That's okay. Marty, Joshua and I took a little break from house-work and checked it out Sunday afternoon. A retired couple were moving and clearing out what they didn't want anymore. They obviously traveled and had lovely taste.

The portrait of the Queen is a lithograph on canvas. I suspect it hung in a classroom years ago. I had actually left it behind and in the middle of baking cookies, I went back and happily found it still there. It is 28 inches tall by 22 wide.
I got a good deal on this Dept. of Defense photograph from 1937. It is of Ottawa, (capital of Canada) long before highways and urban sprawl. In the foreground are the parliament buildings.
The gentleman of the house had been fortunate enough to visit French Brocantes years ago and he bought this set of ancient fish prints. This large one is 18 inches long.
His wife didn't like them at all and was thrilled someone took them away. Her hubby was impressed by my appreciation for them. We all know how lonely it can be when our passions fall deaf on the ears of those we live with, don't we. Anyway, I think they are grand.
There was also a box of goodies for only $2. Well, for a toonie, how can you lose? There were some lovely frames and one frame, made of leather created to look like a large luggage tag. I also found a tin of old buttons.
These little enameled cup holders are silver and have Penguins all round them. With a small jar in each of them, they can become funky holders for brushes, pens, etc.
Well, that was it. There were many beautiful and fancy items as well as a few things already sold to other folks which were stunning. I wonder what other finds await my discovery this year.

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