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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Balleycanoe Co. Bliss Part 2

What can I say?
It was great couple of hours, poking around and gleaning ideas for future projects.
Rust can be beautiful.
The day warmed up nicely and we left with our treasures happy as can be. I'll post those pics later.
We weren't finished thrifting either. On our way home we hit the half-price sale at Goodwill and then Winners. There was a break in there for lunch too. It takes a lot of energy to do it all.
If you are in the area of Mallorytown, Ontario, check out Balleycanoe Co. They are only open Friday-Saturday, 10AM-5PM or by appointment.
You can also visit their blog and do check out Penny Gorman's awesome work on her blog, using items gleaned from Balleycanoe Co.

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