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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Daytripping Bliss Part 4

Marty and I had visited Ballycanoe Co. many years ago during an artist tour. It was love at first site for me.
The barn is huge and the sun shone through the windows and cracks casting a lovely glow in all the wondrous bits and pieces from the past. You can find small stuff as well as the largest of windows and doors.
This is outside the barn, next to the main entry. I can't get enough red.
These look great all lined up together. More red!
This is in the door and shutter area. It can be overwhelming trying to take it all in. Breath deeply now. Relax.
Upstairs in the barn. More doors.

1 comment:

Marlene said...

WOW! Amazing! Just love this place and it was fun to go with you. :)


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