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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

In The Beginning...

Monday I had an appointment in Cornwall. When I find myself in Cornwall, it's the perfect opportunity to meet up with old friends. Joshua and I spent a glorious day with Ronna and enjoyed some road food for lunch. Check out the "Poutine Chronicles" to see how Poutine from across the globe measures up against the original Quebec standard. The Poutine we shared had a little something extra- bacon. It rated four curds out of five. As a large, it was on the stingy side. The weather was grand and we just couldn't stop commenting on it the whole time we were together.
We hit all our favourite junking spots and Winners. Good haul there. It's the best Winners/HomeSense I've been too. And I checked out a good number of them. What a great day!
Tuesday morning I was and met with heavy rain at about 6AM. By the time I put Rosie out, the rain had turned to snow. Mr. Grumpy Garden Gnome wasn't too happy.
When Joshua got up he was very unimpressed with the situation, which was getting worse. Mr. Grumpy Garden Gnome can barely be heard under the snow.
By evening, it was still snowing and Mr. Grumpy Garden Gnome was calling his travel agent to see if he could get away from it all.

This morning there is still snow on the ground, however it has stopped falling, finally.
Rumour has it that the weekend is to be warm and sunny.


Ronna said...

Great pix! Great day! I thought we had rated the poutine as a 4 out of 5...?

Paul said...

Hey Jennifer, Just looked at your house blog. It's beautiful! Too bad we never had the pleasure of visiting you there. Still hoping to see you and Marty some day when we have some time passing along the 401. Where are you moving? Blessings, p.


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