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Friday, April 30, 2010

In The Pink

I'm not a "pink" person. Warm earthy tones are where my heart goes.
I do however, appreciate the power of pink. It seems I even have a bunch of pink stuff. Don't you love the pink watermelon wedges painted by Ronna? They are from the wedge cut from a tree before it is felled.
I picked up the funky pink metal mini locker because it was unusual in pink (it was only a buck too, at the Sally Ann). The pink cookie jar seems a shocking kitchen colour.
I chose the Jones cream soda with the pink lids instead of the ones with the traditional silver lids because it seemed a fun change from the ordinary.
The pink accordion file was my only choice beside purple. I am not a purple person at all.
Oh, and I only drink pink lemonade. That's definitely more fun too. So, you may not be a "pink" person but you cannot avoid all that pink has to offer, can you?
My favourite pink comes form the garden. Pink flowers just cheer the whole place up.
On the subject of the "power" of pink, my mom used to occasionally sell at antique doll shows and found that if you had a baby doll that wasn't getting much attention, you only had to dress it in pink. It would frequently sell very quickly after that. The power of pink!

1 comment:

Ronna said...

The watermelon wedges look grand!


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