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Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Week

I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend. We had truly extraordinary weather and I was happy to hang laundry on the line. The birds were out is force, working hard and singing their little hearts out. The Spring Peepers fill the evenings with their cry. Joshua did more yard clean-up and came across a number of critters out enjoying the sunshine. Even the large Garter snake I happened upon, taking Odelia out, didn't flinch as we passed by.
On Saturday we went to Ottawa and took Aaron and his roommate out for dinner. It was good to see him. He and his big brother will be home at the end of the month. Full house again.

1 comment:

Ronna said...

Is that an old pic Jen? I can't imagine you had snow this Easter weekend with temperatures of 28C+!!!


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