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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Salvage Finds

Here a few pics of what I brought home, besides the tin I set out to get. I''l show you the tin when we get it and the stove together. I thought this piece looked like a crown. Not sure if I will alter it or just clean it up and enjoy it as it is.
I fell in love with this piece of fretwork.
These were apparently used to mark wet cement. The "n" is actually a "z" but I thought it was better to spell "fun" not "fuz."
These are cut-offs from other projects and there was boxful of these for $2.50 each. I thought they would make great rooftops for some future piece of art.
Who can pass up a tin stencil?
I also bought three small pieces of very old clear glass (3x6") that are filled with tiny bubbles. I want to put them in a frame and hang them in a window.


Reading up a storm said...

Wow, what a collection.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Great stuff! I can see you creating all sorts of fabulous art from these finds. :-)

Have a wonderful week!


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